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Men’s Guide to Wearing Diamond Jewelry

Women are not the only one who can have the honor of wearing sparkling diamonds; men can pull off wearing diamonds just as easily. Whether it is on special occasions or as a regular piece of your personality, selecting diamond jewelry doesn’t need to be tricky for men. From rings to diamond studs, men can […]

Should You Custom Order Your Engagement Ring?

After you have decided to propose to her, the only other big decision that remains is choosing the right engagement ring. While there is a lot of variety that you can choose from, you might be thinking about custom ordering it make it extra special for her. The question is, should you really take that […]

5 Ways to Flaunt Your Diamond Solitaire Pendant

Whether someone has gifted you a diamond solitaire pendant or you have just bought one for yourself, you must know how to flaunt it with your existing jewelry and wardrobe. If you are not sure how you will do that, read the following tips to find out: 1.     Wear It Casually Although diamond pendants are […]