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Is there a Difference in Color between G and I Diamonds?

  Unfortunately, this is not an objective question rather subjective, and varies from one person to another. The best value is going to be between G H, and I stones, G is the most popular because it appears colorless to non experts and can face up white if the stone is cut well. If you […]

The Different Types of Settings

Who doesn’t like variety in jewelries? Jewelry is that part of a woman’s life which requires variation and the more the variation the better. Often a particular piece or design becomes too mainstream and we wish to go for something that will distinctively make us stand out from the crowd. A small piece like a […]

How Do I Remove a Stuck Ring Safely

Very often we are faced with an unexpected situation that handicaps our daily moves. And a stuck ring on our finger is one of them. They may not only be painful but can also cause your finger to inflate and if not timely removed, the little mound can stand as a further obstacle. Timely action […]