Diamond Cuts

Diamond cut
The diamond cut refer to the style given professionally to a diamond to make it luminous and of a particular shape. There are many diamond cuts and it is difficult to say which one is the best. No matter what the shape is, at A Maggio Diamantaires, you are assured of getting the best quality diamonds and there is special diamond cut for every person. Amaggio houses the largest selection of diamonds in Houston.
The Round Cut diamond is very popular. In 1919 Marcel Tolkowsky published his thesis named Diamond Design: A Study of the Reflection and Refraction of Light in Diamond. With this the round diamond started to become popular among people because round cut lent the diamond maximum luminance.
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The Princess Cut, a popular fancy diamond cut was created in 1980s. People love the flexibility of this cut and choose it for engagements. You can wear such cuts on most ring styles.
The Oval Cut Diamond, created by designer Kaplan Lazare during the 1960s, is a kind of modified brilliant cut gemstone. It possesses great brilliance and has its characteristic fire. Its elongated shape makes it appear big. The Marquise Cut diamond resembles a football and is named after Marquise of Pompadour, when French King Louis XIV ordered a stone to be crafted in such a way that it resembled her mouth.

The Emerald Cut diamonds reveal a hall-of-mirrors appearance because of the combination of dark and light planes. The step cuts given on the pavilion and the big, open table give an extraordinary look to the emerald cut diamonds.

Asscher Brothers from Holland created the asscher cut in 1902 and it can be called the precursor to the emerald cut diamond. It differs from the latter in having more brilliance, a smaller table and a more prominent crown.

Pear shaped diamond looks like a pear, is very brilliant, has one tapered end and combines features of marquise and round cuts. The Cushion Cut diamond is a square cut, has rounded corners, and looks a lot like a pillow. It is a traditional cut has existed for nearly 200 years. The Heart Cut is popular in rings and pendants but the cut is properly perceived in case of bigger stones.

The Radiant Cut diamond is the foremost rectangular cut that possesses a full brilliant-cut facet design applied to pavilion as well as the crown. You can read more about radiant cut on another page in our website. Visit our store to get an array of attractive diamonds cuts and you will find a perfect diamond for any occasion.
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