Holiday Proposal Ideas

It’s the holiday season and you think it is time to ‘pop the question’. But the problem is – you have no clue how to do it. Sounds familiar? Don’t fret; you can create the perfect romantic moment to propose to her with a little creativity and ingenuity.

angled viewIMG_0451

Create a puzzle: Clues left all around the house that leads to a special place where you have hidden the engagement ring or a puzzle that when put together reads “Will you marry me?” can be great. She will get the ring and the message once she solves the mystery.


Note: Don’t make it too hard to find the ring that she gives up!

Make an advent calendar: Tuck notes on the days leading up to the day of the proposal. Tell her the reasons you love her, the ways in which she has made your life beautiful, the special places you two go to, the best memories you have, and so on.

Note: On the D-day, just add the question; no preliminaries!

Decorate your ‘love tree’: You have always put together a Christmas tree; why not do it different this year? Choose plain ornaments for the tree, and use glitter pens to dedicate a love message for her on each of them.

love tree

Note: Place an angel on the top with the ring box in its hand.

Dedicate an entire day to her: No woman can resist a man who cooks for her; take it a little further and make her breakfast in bed. Plan a day of a romantic picnic, a movie marathon, or just laze around.


Note: Spell out the proposal on a cake and place the ring box on the breakfast tray.

You need not get Tiffany’s to shut down for a day just for you to propose to her and choose a ring (though it’s great). All you need is a little creativity to make it work. Once she says yes, you can share the good news with your families.


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