How Do I Remove a Stuck Ring Safely

Very often we are faced with an unexpected situation that handicaps our daily moves. And a stuck ring on our finger is one of them. They may not only be painful but can also cause your finger to inflate and if not timely removed, the little mound can stand as a further obstacle. Timely action is as much important as undertaking steps that does not cause any injury to your finger. So let us take a look at some of the ways through which you can remove a stuck ring safely.

• The Lubricant Method: This is the most common method used at home to remove a stuck ring. And more often than not, it is the most successful method too, unless your finger is exceptionally swollen. There are several safe lubricants in and around you like hand lotion, Vaseline, ammonia based cleaners like windex, hair shampoo or conditioner, soap and water, baby oil, etc. Apply a generous amount of any of these on your finger and ring and it is sure to gently and smoothly get your ring out. If you have a broken or swollen skin, make sure that the lubricant is chosen wisely.lotion-ring-removal

• Dip Your Hand in Cold Water: Heat is known to swell our body. So a good try will be to dip your hand in cold water (it should not be icy cold) and keep it there for some time before trying to gently take out the ring.FYQ0M6DHRKQZ3MO.LARGE

• Dental Flow Method: This is aunique and a very effective way to remove a stuck ring. Get one end of the dental floss under the ring and wind it around your finger till your knuckle. Ensure that it is not wind too tightly as it can be painful and can turn your finger blue. Now unwind the dental floss from the bottom. Your ring will move up your finger as you go on unwinding and finally come off.


Above are some of the most effective ways to remove a stuck ring safely. Make sure that after you get the ring off, you nurse the finger with a good antiseptic cream. The ring should be worn again after re-sizing it or after the concerned swelling or injury is healed.

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