Is there a Difference in Color between G and I Diamonds?


Unfortunately, this is not an objective question rather subjective, and varies from one person to another. The best value is going to be between G H, and I stones, G is the most popular because it appears colorless to non experts and can face up white if the stone is cut well. If you want value for money G’s are your best pick. If the end product is going to look similar to what a D colored diamond may offer, why should you pay additional premiums on an attribute you can’t appreciate with your eye?

Both H and I colored diamonds show a slight tinge in color in their bodies, H and I’s are common thresholds people start noticing nuances of yellow (quality of cut). Intensity of color a diamond posses determine which grade it falls into. What the grading report might not show you is the exact hue the stone has without creating any significant contrast. Diamond grading can be very nuanced, everyone has a different sensitivity to color and a different sense of what appeals to them the most.

The average shopper wants the most “bang for their buck” and that’s near colorless (GHI) but there are a few that prefer a little warmth. H or I for yellow gold .Color -refers to a diamonds lack of color, grading the whiteness of a diamond. H,G near colorless-color difficult to detect unless compared side by side against diamonds of better grades (an excellent value) near colorless J-I an exceptional value with slightly detectable warmth or tone .Near colorless G-I excellent value in a diamond with little or no noticeable color to the unaided eye ,look for a near colorless or G-I.

You may find that there can be a price range difference between a G-I of about $1-3000 dollars depending on cut and carat weight. Good luck and may the best stone win!


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