Diamond Solitaire Pendants

Diamond pendants are a great gift that can also be given for any occasion.  These can be worn everyday, or for more formal special occasions.  Diamonds can be ordered in any shape or size but round and princess are listed in three different qualities to make your decision easier.  If you prefer a different shape or larger size, call and speak with one of our diamond experts and they can give you instant quotes over the phone.

Pendants are standard 4 prong settings that can be ordered in white gold, yellow gold or upgraded to platinum. All sizes can be ordered in traditional 4 prong, bezel set or many other styles.  Princess cut diamond pendants can be ordered with corners facing up and down in a diamond shape (as pictured), or straight as a square shape.  Many other styles of settings are available. Call for details.




standard four prong
for round
standard four prong
for princess
bezel set    
  Biggest Value* Combination
Size and Quality
Best Quality Premium Plus
1/2ct $799 $1299 $1999 call for price
and availability
3/4ct $1499 $1999 $2999
1ct $1999 $2999 $3999
1.5ct $3999 $4999 $6999
2ct $6999 $8999 $13999

prices include white or yellow gold setting, platinum is and upgrade. Chain not included in price.

Diamond solitaire pendants are available in many shapes, sizes and qualities. Call for details.
pear shape marquis cushion cut emerald cut

Biggest Value

These are biggest band for your buck diamonds.   These diamonds will be nearly colorless.  Diamonds will look nice, but compared to better quality, they may slightly lack some shine.  Imperfections may be visible if you look very closely, especially in larger diamonds.  From a distance they look nice so you get the largest size of good quality for the price.  For those on a budget by don't want to sacrifice size.

Combination Size and Quality

These diamonds are the most popular selection, they  are better in quality than the biggest value.  Diamonds in this category will be brilliant white, very shiny,  nearly colorless, with no obvious inclusions visible to the naked eye.  These diamonds look great, even close up!  A great value for the money!

Best Quality

These diamonds considered high quality diamonds.  These will be at least H color, SI quality.  Brilliant white, very shiny with tiny inclusions visible only under magnification.  Diamonds over 3/4ct may be accompanied by a lab certificate.

Premium Plus

These diamonds are VERY high quality, lab certified diamonds.  Call one of our diamond experts to choose from our latest inventory.  Premium plus diamonds are brilliant white with tiny inclusion barely visible under magnification.    These are for the most finicky customers with high demands.

If you have questions call and speak with one of our diamond experts.  They can help you pick the perfect diamond.  Everyone has different needs and our experts will help you determine what you will be most happy with.

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