The Different Types of Settings

Who doesn’t like variety in jewelries? Jewelry is that part of a woman’s life which requires variation and the more the variation the better. Often a particular piece or design becomes too mainstream and we wish to go for something that will distinctively make us stand out from the crowd. A small piece like a finger ring, apparently, has limited variation in its design. However, it is not the truth. The choice is unlimited, as you have different types of settings, to elegantly crown your precious gemstone. Let us take a look at the different settings that we have for a ring.


Solitaire Setting: It is the classic ring setting choice, that has already made a permanent place for itself in the engagement ring category. It usually comprises of a prong setting with either four prongs or six prongs. The prong metal secures the diamond with its rounded, flat, pointed or V-shape.

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Bezel Setting: It is a more contemporary setting thathas been designed to keep pace with the active lifestyle. The gemstone at the center is encircled by a thin metal rim, which tightly keeps the stone protected and in its place. The bezel setting can either fully encircle the diamond or may partially surround it.


Channel Setting: Another ring setting that has captured the hearts of many is the channel setting. The small diamonds are set flush in a row on the band of the ring. The gemstones are placed side by side and there are no additional prongs in between. This type of setting is very smooth and is known to give great protection to the edge or girdle of the gemstone.


Pave Setting: This setting makes for a gorgeous ring. In this type of setting the band is made to glitter with dozens of tiny diamonds. The tiny diamonds are closely set together in the band and there is minimum visibility of the metal or even the prongs that hold the stone in its place. The result is an unending sparkle. This setting is also referred to as the bead setting and is also known as micro-pave setting when particularly smaller stones that are less than . 01-.02 carats are used.


Halo Setting: It is another beautiful setting where the center stone is surrounded by a ‘halo’ of small gemstones. This particular setting highlights the center stone and make it appear larger while at the same time increases the overall beauty of the ring.


Cathedral Setting: The very name connotes the image of this particular setting. Much like the architecturally beautiful arches of a cathedral, the metals are made to resemble those arches to hold the gemstone in its place. The arches give a vintage look to the ring and increase its height too, and this makes the center stone appear much larger. The above mentioned are just the few of the many ring settings that have been introduced over the years. There are other beautiful settings too and they are the flush setting, vintage setting, the three stone setting, split shank setting, cluster setting, bar setting etc.


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