White Diamonds Vs Champagne Diamonds

Pristine white or chic champagne – which color will work best when it comes to a diamond? Interestingly, initially champagne diamonds weren’t thought of much; they were simply brown stones. But with time, their appeal has increased.

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White diamonds are the most valuable when it comes to colorless diamonds. The pure white is in the D on the diamond color grading scale. But in the category of colored diamonds, champagne diamonds are quite the favorite. Its brown tone with a yellow tinge gives it the appearance of the favoredbeverage, plus price is considerably less.

1.75cttw Princess Center Diamond Set In A Prong & Channel Setting By Buccinni

The word ‘champagne’ also adds to the luxury, glamour, and elegance of the stones. But is it really a good choice? If you, or the person you intend to give to, are traditional at heart, a white diamond may be a better choice. Champagne is a marketing ploy for people to accept yellow-beige diamonds. Canary is bright true yellow.  We have all heard of canary diamonds. Pink engagement rings were made popular after Jennifer Lopez’a ring.  “Chocolate” diamonds are an attempt to market formerly low-valued stones.

1.66cttw Princess Cut Halo Setting Designer Engagement Ring

But if you don’t mind a little offbeat style, champagne diamonds are your thing. Take a cue from Cameron Diaz who sported a ring with a 20 carat cognac diamond. Or, from Jennifer Lopez who looked stunning at the Academy Awards 2007 with gray and champagne diamond studded earrings.

Choice of a diamond depends on singular style and personal preference. You need to consider the inclination of the individual when it comes to the debate of white diamonds vs. champagne diamonds.

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